Welcome to your BEST choice for entertainment in southeast Tennessee!

Any DJ can say that, but here's why we can back it up. A typical Detour party or reception package includes all of this for as low as $495 (in Cleveland, TN; Other areas are a little higher):
  • Professional sound gear - no cheap stuff that makes bad sound
  • Sennheiser Wireless Microphone (high quality) for toasts, speeches and announcements
  • Colorful dance lighting to light up a dance area
  • A massive song library with a wide variety and mostly all clean versions of popular songs
  • Any MC / announcement services you desire to keep things flowing along smoothly
  • 4 hours of non-stop performance, plenty of time to have a great event
  • Appropriate attire for the event so the DJ matches the look you want
  • Requirements: All we need is standard household AC electricity provided within 150 feet for most events, either by regular wiring or a portable generator with a suitable amperage rating. We supply all the rest!

Ready to ask for a quote for your event? Check out the "Get A Quote" page at the upper right. If you have any questions or concerns, here are all the ways to contact us:

Detour DJ, Sound & Lighting
DetourDJ@gmail.com (preferred)
7431 Frontage Road NW
​Cleveland, TN 37312