This is where it all started...

Detour DJ's owner, Larz Hanson, started out investing in some PA equipment because his band needed it, and just kept investing more and more as the years went on. Now, Detour has impressive sound systems comprising some of the best equipment in the industry. Here's a short list of some of the equipment available:

  • Behringer X32 Rack digital mixer
  • ​Behringer X32 Core digital mixer
  • ​Behringer SD8 digital snakes
  • Turbosound Siena 18" Powered Subwoofers
  • Turbosound Siena 15" Powered Mains
  • Turbosound NuQ 15" Powered Mains
  • JBL PRX 718S powered subwoofers
  • JBL PRX 635 powered full-range/top speakers
  • JBL PRX 512M powered tops/monitors
  • Peavey SP218 non-powered subwoofers
  • Behringer B112W powered tops/monitors
  • Behringer B215A powered monitor
    Behringer B215XL non-powered monitors

  • Behringer B212XL non-powered monitors
  • Sennheiser E835-equipped handheld wireless microphones
  • Sennheiser wireless lapel microphones
  • Shure SM58 & SM57 dynamic microphones
  • Shure PG52 kick drum microphone
  • ​Behringer iNuke NU4-6000 4-channel amps
  • 100' 20x8 Snake Cable (Standard Analog)
  • Furman power distribution unit with up to 150' of heavy power cable