The X18 must be controlled by a Mac/PC laptop running the "X Air Edit" app available for free at:|en)
or by an iPad running the "X Air" app available free at the Apple App Store.

Getting started with the "X Air Edit" app:

Open the wifi on your laptop. Choose the network labeled something like "X18-2C-16-7D". There's no password. Once it connects, open the "X Air Edit" app. The first screen you see should be:


Behringer X18 Digital Mixer:

​Once plugged in and turned on, check to make sure the Wifi switch on the back panel is all the way to the right.

Select the mixer as shown after the blue progress line between the picture and "X18 -" text has finished going from left to right. The next screen you see should be the main mixer page:

You should be ready now to start building your mix.

Cable Connections:

Main left & right to FOH (main PA speakers) patch here on the top panel with XLR microphone cables:

Aux/Monitors patch here on the back panel with 1/4" TRS (balanced) or TS (unbalanced) cables:

These can be patched to a power amp to drive passive monitors, straight to active (self-powered) monitors, or to IEM (in-ear) systems as needed. Adapter cables can be provided for TRS -> XLR connections.

JBL Powered Speakers:

Typically, the standard rental is either PRX635 tops alone, PRX718S subs alone, PRX635 tops with single PRX718S subs, or full stacks of PRX635 tops over dual PRX718S subs. In all cases using the PRX635 tops, the settings on the back panel should be: EQ switch - OUT, Input switch - OUT, Level - FULLY CLOCKWISE.

If the Setup screen doesn't automatically pop up, you can access it by clicking "Setup" in the upper right corner. It looks like this:

If you're using single PRX718S subs either by themselves or paired with tops, their settings should be: Xover switch - IN, Polarity switch - IN, Level - FULLY CLOCKWISE. It doesn't matter which Input you use (Left or Right).

If dual subs are used, the first sub receiving signal from the mixer should have the Xover switch in the OUT position. This is very important. If not set up exactly like this, the second sub won't make any sound. Patch from the first sub's OUT jack directly underneath whichever IN jack you used and go to one of the second sub's IN jacks. The second sub should have the Xover switch in the IN position. All subs should have the Polarity switch in the IN position and Level controls FULLY CLOCKWISE.

It should open with the connection screen:

Click on the line "1  X18  Detour X18" to the left middle of that screen (though the IP address may not be that exact number). There should be a small popup screen asking if you want to synchronize "Mixer -> PC" or "PC -> Mixer". Choose "Mixer -> PC". Once it loads the mix from the mixer, close the popup screens, leaving you on the main Mixer page as shown 2 images above. You should be ready to start building your mix.


Occasionally, the wifi connection will be lost. If you want to avoid this and don't mind losing the walkaround capability of wireless mixing, you can set the Ethernet/Wifi switch on the back of the X18 to the left (Ethernet), connect between a laptop and the X18 with a standard Ethernet cable, and run your show hard-wired. This avoids all WiFi issues. Once connected, you just need to assign your laptop's network connection to the Ethernet jack. Everything else should be the same.

Getting started with the iPad app:

Open "Settings" on the iPad, select "Wifi", then select the network that looks something like "X18-2C-16-7D". Once connected, open the "X Air" app: